Decron: Strategically Positioned to Serve Our Customers

Decron is a metal fabrication company that has been bringing out the beauty and functionality of metal since our beginnings in 2003. We are experts in all aspects of the production process, from prototyping and design, to forming and welding, to surface finishing and delivery. However, we weren’t always a production shop! We got our start in custom metal fabrication and over the years, as our range of capabilities expanded, we strategically shifted our focus to more standard metal fabrication products.

Decron through the years

Decron began as Custom Steel Designs in 2003, a small but fast-growing custom builder of decorative and architectural metal products. Our main customer base was contractors and homeowners, and we fabricated a wide range of customized products such as railings, stairways, fencing, and wall decor.

How and Why Decron Pivoted to Metal Production

As our capabilities expanded, so too did our customer base. We began making racks for golf-carts and other sports utility vehicles as well as furniture frames for RVs and homes, as well as more standard metal parts for agricultural equipment–gates, metal parts for barn dividers, and hitches.

In 2018, we decided to pivot our focus more firmly on metal production, stepping away from custom metal fabrication. While we still offered prototyping and design services, creating brand new parts for our customers, we focused on producing RV and golf cart parts, furniture frames and metal components for similar applications. Since we were doing more and more production projects, we realized that our best strategy to continue to expand would be to shift our focus firmly onto metal production.

Decron–Decorative. Creative. On-Time.

Today, we produce fabricated metal products under our brand, Decron. We are a growing company, expanding our capabilities to include a powder coating system, CNC laser cutting equipment, angle rolls, tube benders, CNC brake presses, and a variety of welding and grinding capabilities. We also have a warehouse for packaging and shipping the products that we fabricate!

Looking for a metal fabrication shop?

Decron builds your idea, your way. If you’re looking for a reputable company that offers everything from assistance with your design to quality metal fabrication to on-time delivery, then check out our website for more information! We would be happy to discuss your project and find a way to save you time, money, and even reduce your workload.