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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Sheet metal laser cutting is one of the main services that Decron provides. For nearly two decades, Decron has been bringing out the beauty of metal through various cutting techniques, laser cutting being one of the main. Though we may not be a custom machining shop any more, we strive to create work that is beautiful as well as functional for RVs, golf carts, and furniture.

Why choose Decron’s Sheet Metal Laser Cutting?

Sheet metal laser cutting is a service with quick turnaround. It consistently results in accurate parts and components, even for the most demanding requirements. Compared to other fabrication and cutting techniques, laser cutting allows for much greater cutting precision. And, it can accurately cut any shape or geometry, while reducing waste and material costs. It’s even energy efficient, using much less power than other cutting equipment.

The service is also versatile, able to cut a wide range of materials of varying thickness. At Decron, our focus is on metals, mainly different types of steel. And even if it’s for a small-batch project, sheet metal laser cutting is still a highly cost-effective option. With our equipment, we can perform all operations without having to change out tooling in between different cutting tasks. Not only does this speed up the cutting process, but it saves you money, even for prototype runs or small batch projects.

What can Decron do for you?

We are experts at working with metal. Whether it’s prototyping or a part that’s already been made, we always take great care to ensure all of our products will fit exactly what you need. A versatile company, we can cut on flat sheets, pipes, and tubes. We work with the following materials:

  • Steel up to ¾”
  • Aluminum up to ⅜”
  • Stainless Steel up to ¼”
  • Copper up to ¼”

Our professional equipment:

  • We have Mazak fiber lasers w/ 5’ X 10’ bed rated to cut up to ¾” thick

Contact Decron today to learn more about our sheet metal laser cut services and the other services that we offer our customers.

Decron Delivers

If you’re looking for someone who will work with you, who can provide products that will make your customers happy, and who can save you time, money, and even reduce your workload, then choose Decron. We care about each of our customers, and we take pride in our work.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us here on our website or call us today!