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Decron’s Recreational Vehicle Parts

Decron has been at the forefront of the RV industry for many years. Partnering with RV OEMs in designing, developing and manufacturing various products, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this particular industry. We are often called upon to make parts customized for specific RVs and applications, ones that aren’t standard or off-the-shelf.

Decron has plenty of experience in fabricating decorative metal parts, such as shelving, door tracks, wine racks, valances, and metal wall art. We also make parts for several other applications as well, like spare tire carriers, hinges, travel locks, TV mounts, brackets, bunk ladders and rails, grab bars, and much more!

We also produce a variety of RV upholstery too. We fabricate metal for the seats, and then make the cushions with durable materials such as vinyl or Sunbrella fabrics. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all of your RV part needs.

To that end, we have greatly expanded our fabrication capabilities over the years. We stock several different metals, such as stainless steels, aluminum, and copper, and shape all of it right here in our shop. We have an experienced welding team to handle manual welds, as well as oversee any robotic welding. Our shop is also equipped with a variety of metal forming machinery, such as CNC Mazak lasers, press brakes, grinders, tube benders, and more.

RV parts often undergo duress from various environments, consistent operation, and more. For components that need a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and better durability, we also have powder coatings in various colors. Powder coatings are safe and durable surface treatments that won’t flake or corrode, and protect the metal part from everyday wear and tear, corrosion, and other conditions that might damage the surface.

Ready to get started?

Decron is committed to fabricating creative and decorative metal products with high quality, and delivering them to our customers on time and within their budgets. From designs and prototypes all the way to the fabrication of the finished product, we will work with you to make your project a reality. To learn more, contact us or call us today at 260-768-7268.